Controlling Fire, 400’000 years ago

Actors in a changing world

SIDI is a non-profit foundation whose aims are served by fierce intellectual independence and a broad international, intercultural and interdisciplinary network. More than a network of experts and peers, SIDI seeks out the ideas and opinions of all participants or potential participants in our global hyper-connected society.

Projects supported by the institute are characterized by their ambition but also by their openness to unforeseen outcomes. This openness is maintained not only by design of the projects but also by the design of the project teams and their varied perspectives.

SIDI was launched by a group of researchers, developers, entrepreneurs and innovators from different sectors but who share the strong conviction that predicting, fostering and governing the impact of disruptive innovation provides valuable insights and opportunities to solve important challenges, achieve growth and mitigate risk.

The value of SIDI is contained in its international, intercultural, interdisciplinary network and in its independent innovation fostering methodology. Access to the SIDI system and projects unleashes innovation thinking within the partners and the partners’ organizations.