SIDI deploys a network-effect approach to research programs by exposing them to social media, a proprietary telepresence app and other networking tools to connect people across the planet to SIDI projects in a meaningful way. These tools, combined with outreach programs, competitions, public workshops and accelerators, set SIDI apart from other academic institutes.

To achieve these goals SIDI partners with basic and applied research institutes and organizations, funding agencies, private foundations, individuals and companies in an interactive iterative process.

  • Identification of the stress points ripe for disruption.
  • Delegation of project to a Group Leader
  • Identification and recruitment of an ad-hoc interdisciplinary research group.
  • Establishment of project planning including risk management and forecasting of desired outcomes.
  • The team then works as a committee holding the mandate to focus on a particular area of study in a particular technology or innovation space.