adj. /dɪsˈrʌptɪv/

new and original, in a way that produces a major change


Coronavirus outbreak

Misinformation is perhaps the most dangerous side effect of the coronavirus. In recent weeks we have been bombarded by fake news, conflicting, partial and unscientifically founded news that have triggered two polar opposite but equally dangerous behaviors in the world population: on one hand the excessive spread of panic, on the other very superficial measures to prevent contagion. We at SIDI have always studied the mechanisms of the diffusion of innovation, to predict the threats and opportunities it brings. In this moment of climax and tension, we feel compelled to do something. We are indeed very concerned about the effects of this outbreak on the lives of the population and the world economy and we think the better tool we have to fight against the panic spread is good information. With that in mind, at the beginning of March, we published the website coronavirus-central.org an independent, curated information repository expressly designed to fight misinformation and provide to the public a reliable source of data.


In addition, for a better understanding of this phenomenon, we're also launching the first ever international congress on SARS-COV-2, an international event with high level speakers that will take place entirely online on a virtual reality conferencing platform. To learn more about our initiatives check out our dedicated websites

Living and understanding an ever changing world.

The Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation (SIDI) is an organization founded in 2015 to identify, study and fully explore opportunities and risks of upcoming disruptive innovations and provide guidance to governments, institutions and enterprises to fully unleash their growth potential.

What is now proved was once only imagined
- William Blake -

Now under examination

Quantum computing

Quantum Computing is the use of quantum-mechanical phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to perform computation and solve equations and create simulations that are beyond the reach of even the most powerful supercomputer.

3D printing

Construction 3D Printing or 3D construction Printing refers to various technologies that use 3D printing as a core method to fabricate buildings. Tested and refined in the latest years it is widely regarded as the core innovation of an upcoming industrial revolution.

3D transportation

Three-dimensional transportation refers to vehicles travelling along a third axis, like flying cars or automated drones. Once featured in science-fiction movies only, 3D transportation is rapidly becoming a viable solution to solve todays mobility challenges

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