About SIDI

Based in Lugano, Switzerland, the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation (SIDI) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2015 to identify, study and fully explore opportunities and risks of upcoming disruptive innovations and provide guidance to governments, institutions and enterprises to fully unleash their growth potential. Founded by a group of researchers, developers, entrepreneurs and innovators from different sectors, SIDI's aim is to identify and analyze emerging trends and technologies that have the characteristics and potential to disrupt existing processes and methods and produce a meaningful change into society. By identifying and understanding these trends early, SIDI can foresee and prepare for the upcoming challenges, provide guidance to companies and institutions and unleash their full potential.

What we do


The observatory is the core of every SIDI activity. Directed by Prof. Andrea Basso, the observatory analyzes upcoming innovations to identify the most disruptive ones and analyze and evaluate their overall impact on global society. SIDI's observatory is also deeply engaged in scientific dissemination and information activities.

Innovation Lab

From knowledge to direct innovation. SIDI Lab designs, develops, tests and implements novel solutions based on distruptive technologies.
From single inventions to layered, complex and long term projects, SIDI Lab serves as practical workbench for SIDI research teams to actually study and solve todays challenges.

Services for companies and institutions

A core component of SIDI's mission is to help entreprises, governments and institutions to face future challenges and accordingly imagine and plan their long term strategies to achieve and mantain leadership in an ever changing environment.

SIDI services provide guidance and and ides to unleash our partners innovative potential.

Our people

Startup Incubator

Transforming innovation an actual business is not an easy task. Through the knowledge of its members and its startup incubator, SIDI provides a professional platform for startups to structure their activity, reach key investors and bring their innovation to market in a fast, lean and agile way.

Competence Centres

Innovation, vision and common interestes unites people and make things happen. Through its competence centers, SIDI brings together complimentary stakeholders in order to accelerate innovation in specific innovation playgrounds and transform knowledge in valuable opportunities.

Education & Networking

Dissemination and education are key factors to prepare society embrace and fully understand opportunities and risks of upcoming distruptive innovations. Through its education and networking events, SIDI provides a valuable framework to empower people and create a worldwide network of innovation experts and enthousiasts.

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