Theory is nothing if not translated into practice. SIDI's Innovation Lab encompasses all the initiatives, projects, inventions and innovations developed directly by SIDI and its competence centers. From creativity to science, from knowledge to experience, the Innovation Lab creates, proposes, produces and implements solutions for a broad spectrum of institutional and corporate partners, from enterprises to startups, from non profit ONGs to government.

In the last years, SIDI's Innovation Lab developed multiple projects in augmented reality and computer vision, in healthcare, blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence. The direct experience as innovators, combined with the knowledge obtained through its observatory, makes of SIDI the ideal partner for public administrations who want to plan their development in a

long-term perspective.

Innovation Lab


Building a bright future for

the municipality of Manno

Located in the Vedeggio plain, in the immediate vicinity of Lugano, Manno is a small municipality, known in southern Switzerland for its highly developed industrial area. Once rich and prosperous thanks to the income of big companies headquartered there, Manno is today challenged by the need for change. Businesses are leaving, and so are many citizens, connected to those business. What is happening and why?

Change didn't happened overnight. The mayor, and its coworkers have been observing this trend for more than a decade, but now the situation reclaims a much needed reaction.


To better understand and face this challenge, Manno choosed SIDI as main partner to develop and plan a new relaunch strategy. 

Size Genie
foldable bodyscanner

How many times have you ordered clothes online, only to send them back a few days later because they just don’t fit? SizeGenie aims to put an end to this frustration. It’s a clever infrared camera based on a medical grade body scanner that hooks up to your desktop computer via USB.

Just position the device on the edge of the desk, run the software and step back until your body appears in the outline on the screen. After moving your body as instructed, SizeGenie will then record your precise body measurements (waist, wrist, hips etc.) and give this data to you. Rather cleverly, the product’s software will store many brand sizes and their measurements in inches and centimetres and compares them with yours so you know exactly what’s going to fit and what’s too large or too small before you order it.

What The Fake
Blockchain certificator

Can the blockchain solve the problem of deep fake and fake news? Certainly the world of social media and Web 3.0 are fertile ground for this kind of scams, but luckily we can fight this with the aid of blockchain technology.

Thanks to the traceability, transparency and decentralized nature of the blockchain, the problem of fake news, but also altered documents, images, and agreements could be easily solved.

WhatTheFake is a fully functional mobile app for iOS and Android, that allows users to certificate the authenticity of their digital contents (pdf, images, sound files and more) and share them on the web and on social media. The app, which uses powerful IBM blockchain technology put in the hands of creators a digital notary, made for 21st century.

AI generated

A SIDI team has managed to demonstrate how is possible today to use artificial intelligence (AI) to compose, arrange and perform an unpublished piece of music, starting from scratch and sending only one input to the system, that is, the desired genre of the piece. This is not just a computer science exercise but it could be the beginning of a new approach to music show business.

In practice, the team simulated the connection of several open source and proprietary modules with specific functions, creating a "closed" system capable of independently generating a song. To this process he has applied a deep learning system, which through reinforcement cycles, is able to constantly improve the result as a function of the listener's feedback.

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