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For your customers, partners, and employees

Here's what we have in mind for your company at Christmas!

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A gift that will leave its mark

History shows that the periods of most significant progress begin after momentous upheavals. Although the pandemic has had a devastating impact on a global scale, it has also triggered a profound and positive change in social awareness.


To transform THREATS into OPPORTUNITIES, it is essential to act according to 3 main concepts: originality, responsibility, concreteness.


Out of the box is the perfect Christmas gift to convey this new vision to your partners, customers, and stakeholders.


The Box


The box represents traditional schemes, the comfort zone where we feel safe, which protects us but traps our thinking and business.

The idea grows


Watch the idea come to life and come out of the box! Light and water are not enough to see the seedling sprout. It takes a sense of RESPONSIBILITY to cultivate it with care, attention, patience. Of course, it is also necessary to be adequately equipped, that is, to have the right tools available. However, the box is also the ideal place to plant the seed of the idea, starting from what is known, from past mistakes, and from the limits we should overcome.

And also...

All profits will be used to support the SIDI Backup Award 2021, a contest that will reward with a significant cash prize the start-up project with the most positive impact on the world. The contest will be held in September 2021. Therefore, choosing this gift means making a concrete contribution, which, combined with many other small ones, can achieve something great.

For each Bonsai donated, a tree will be planted in the Amazon rainforest

In partnership with

Where does the idea come from?

The idea comes from a millenary tradition

According to an ancient Japanese tradition, the sons of clan leaders (those who would be the future leaders) received a fruit bonsai seed as a gift on their tenth birthday. The young man had to plant the seed and care for the sprout over time until the first fruits sprang up on the plant, fruits that were then symbolically offered to the


Clan during a ceremony. The different types of seeds were associated with an essential quality for a clan leader: perseverance, courage, altruism, determination...

This ritual's purpose was to impart an essential lesson to the future leader: power is not an empty word. Instead, it's something that must be cultivated over time with attention, patience, and constancy. It's the only way to make it produce fruits to be shared for the common good.

Over the centuries, this ritual has changed, losing its profound meaning. Still, a faded memory remains in the custom - widespread in various Japanese communities - of giving a bonsai seed a lucky charm to children who are turning teenagers. At SIDI, we fell in love with this tradition.


As it often happens, the past shows us the best way to build the future.



Why it is important

A Christmas gift is a helpful tool to deal with our customers, suppliers, partners, and associates.

However, Christmas is also the best opportunity (maybe the only one during the year) to reconnect old relationships or create and consolidate new ones without business pressure.


Il Natale è però anche l’occasione ideale (forse l’unica nell’arco dell’anno), per riallacciare vecchi rapporti o per crearne e consolidarne di nuovi senza far sentire il “peso” della pressione commerciale. 

A unique moment

It is a unique moment in which it is possible to switch the roles and change from suppliers, "those who call you only to sell you something", to those who, for once, "give you something" and show that they are important for you.

How much does it cost?

There are several gift versions to meet each budget

We know we are all having a hard time, that's why we have conceived something modular, suitable for all budgets, from the simple but symbolic gift, with a price below 5€, to more sophisticated, personalized gifts, which in all cases do not exceed 50€. Contact us to know our proposals.

An action that should not be ignored

Merry Christmas!

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